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Blum minipress

BLUM MINIPRESS is a simple machine designed for the milling of the hinges (all types) and for their installation, it also has a 32 mm drilling line for the cabinet sides (optionally a 7-axis drilling line provided with Working heads).
The mashine has the following features:

  • Axis configuration allows 90 ° rotation of the head
  • One of the swivel head settings is dedicated to milling the BLUM hinges
  • The insertion piston is available for most components
  • Adjusting the depth of drilling is possible and the adjustable stop makes the lighter settings
  • The machine has 5 axes, pneumatic wetting muzzle, adjustable stroke and depth, pneumatic attachment, swingarm for insertion piston, dust jet and adaptable dust collector.

The MINIPRESS package includes work table, central ruler, two narrow stop bars, two retaining brackets and optional insertion piston.