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Wood carving machine

  1. Machine for wooden houses HFM 160

    • Brand: OMGA
    • Tip: HFM 160
    • Year of manufacture: 1982
    • Circular:
    • Diam. Max canvas circular: 250 mm
    • Engine power: 4 kW
    • Cutter:
    • Max section section: 110 x 150 mm
    • Diam. Axis: 40 mm
    • Diam. Max vertical tools: 200 mm
    • Diam. Max horizontal milling tools: 140 mm
    • Milling thickness: 30 - 150 mm
    • Vertical max. Clearance: 40 mm
    • Horizontal maximum depth: 20 mm
    • Fitting material: pneumatic, Milling stroke: hydro-pneumatic, Vertical cutter power: 2 x 4 kW, Horizontal cutter power: 2 x 3 kW, Discharge table with rolls, 4.5 m 


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