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Sanding and calibrating machine

  1. Grinding and calibrating machine BULDOG 5

    • Width max. Admissible material: 910 mm
    • Max. Working: 160 mm
    • Working height: 3 mm
    • Abrasive tape width: 930 mm
    • Abrasive tape length: 1900 mm
    • Advance speed: 4.5 - 9 m / min
    • Required pressure: 8 bar
    • Air consumption: 20I / min
    • Required aspiration: 3000 mc / h
    • Engine power: 11 kW
    • Engine power: 0,3kW
    • Engine power lifting / lowering mass: 0.18 kW
    • Exhaust hood diameter: 150 mm
    • Features:
    • 1: The calibration band oscillation is made using an electronic system. The compressed air consumption has been drastically reduced, the noise level is minimized, and the oscillation is achieved in a much smoother mode.
    • 2: Special construction for automatic compensation of conical belts by means of the band tensioning cylinder, articulated in the middle and pivoting with a pneumatic alignment mechanism.
    • 3: Electric height adjustment. Ammeter
    • 4: Length 1900mm calibration strips to ensure the finishing quality and longevity of the band.
    • 5: Automatic star-delta starting 


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